CSA-GTP Certification

Why this standard?

It has become essential for public health and the reputation of the companies concerned to ensure that the best practices are properly implemented to guarantee the sanitary quality of the products they market.
Increasing levels of international trade are raising consumer concerns about food hygiene and safety in the agro-food industry. This is why Coop de France Métiers du Grain, the FNA and Synacomex have established the CSA-GTP standard (Food Safety Charter - Good Trading Practice).

Industries and companies

These standards are intended for any operator involved in collecting, storing, transporting or marketing cereals, oilseeds or protein crops:

  • Dealers


  • Farming cooperatives

    Farming cooperatives

  • Trading companies

    Trading companies

  • Trade associations

    Trade associations

Certification conditions

In order to qualify for CSA-GTP certification, all operators must have an up-to-date CSA-GTP annual membership.

The following document explains the steps to follow in order to be certified: How to obtain CSA-GTP certification?

SOCOFRET, a certifying body authorised by the Syndicat de Paris, provides an effective way to obtain your certification with qualified auditors to conduct the relevant assessments based on the nature of your business.

CSA-GTP certification is voluntary.

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Our pricing, complaints and appeal procedure and obligations of the claimant are available on request.

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