Specialising in cereal analysis, the SOCOFRET laboratory was created to enable us to provide our customers with accurate data on the quality of their products. It is now a recognised complement to our Inspection division

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A high-performance and reactive tool

To remain competitive within the markets, operators in the cereal industry need to increasingly offer their customers raw materials with well-defined and controlled qualitative characteristics.

Our inspection expertise and our laboratory, create a highly-effective service, which enables us to quickly respond to industry requirements within a matter of days.

Our performance has been widely recognised for a number of years, thanks, in particular, to our COFRAC accreditation (details available on

The laboratory has also been a member of Bipéa for several decades and actively participates in a number of networks that has led to approval from the Syndicat de Paris.

For the past 20 years, the laboratory has also been conducting an annual cereal survey with its customers, providing the industry with reliable and invaluable data on the quality of crops in real time, as soon as the harvest begins.

Our 30 years of expertise and our rapid response ensure you receive reliable results in the shortest timeframe.


  • Analyses Physico-chemical Analysis

    Analysis of proteins, water content, specific weights, hagberg and more... this work is central to our business.

  • Analyses Technological Analysis


  • Analyses Mycotoxin Analysis

    The laboratory offers chromatographic methods to screen for mycotoxins (HPLC/Fluo or GC/MS)

Our national and international recognitions




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